Maybe it’s her beautiful face and those striking blue-ish gray eyes, maybe it’s her cock, maybe it’s her personality, maybe it’s all of the above. If you haven’t had phone sex with her, you really should. I can’t tell you what she’s like, you just have to call and experience yourself.

Call 1-800-GIRL-MAN

It’s always the woman who’s scorned, isn’t it? Well in this case, a transgender woman. Read her full story here, definitely worth a read!

Though straight men who desire trans women are often labeled as gay by the mainstream, Mia sees it differently. “We’re built specifically to appeal to a man’s sexual senses,” she said, looking down toward her body with sparkling blue eyes. “If you are not attracted to a trans woman, who is built specifically to arouse your sexual interest in women, then you’re gay.” Obviously, transgender identity is far more complex than that: Trans people typically identify as a gender other than that they were assigned at birth, and transgender women are not simply products for male consumption, but there’s an intelligence to Mia’s read on this situation, even if her phrasing is oddly heteronormative.