There’s this lady that lives next door to me. I know for a fact she’s a tranny…because she’s really tall!

Ok don’t get me wrong, there ARE tall women out there. And maybe I’m exaggerating a little about how tall she is. But this lady has big, square shoulders kinda. There’s just something ‘off’ about her, know what I mean?

Regardless, she caught me staring one day. I was watering the lawn when my gaze just drifted over to her while she unloaded the car and I couldn’t stop looking. I probably didn’t even notice I was staring so hard because by the time she was in my face I was just in a daze or something.

“WTF are you looking at, white boy??” She charged at me, scowling. She’s kinda pretty up close, and she smelled good.

“Uhhhh…uhhhh…nothing. I’m sorry.” I stammered like a weak little boy.

“Well I better not catch you looking again or else!” She had sized me up and down with one eyebrow lifted. She turned around and walked off. Tranny was wearing a white summer dress and had a really nice, round ass. Burgundy hair, dark skin. I think she’s Latina, black or even both, I wasn’t sure but I was slightly aroused. Other than her broad shoulders, there was nothing manly about her at all? I was confused ‘cuz she was actually really attractive…

So after that day, I started jacking off to her. I thought about her A LOT. I wondered what her cock tasted like…

Who cares if she is a tranny, I liked her. She had given me attitude and for some reason, I became even more attracted to her.

I was trying to think of another way to get her to talk to me. But I had to man up this time and not whimper if she decides to growl at me. I gave it about a week.

So I did the same exact thing when she got home – I started watering the lawn and stared right at her.

“Seriously. What the fuck is your problem. Why the fuck do you keep staring at me? Is there something wrong with the way I look?? Why don’t you take a picture then?! ASSHOLE.”

She had pushed me this time, hard. She was strong as hell, almost as if a man pushed me. But I was in a daze again, she was intoxicatingly beautiful. Her voice was sultry but it wasn’t overly deep.

I cleared my throat and said something real cheesy like “I don’t know what to say. I can’t seem to take my eyes off you. You are really beautiful.”

She took a deep breath, relaxed a little and crossed her arms. “Oh yeah? You wanna do something about it?”

She turned around and walked back to her house. I couldn’t believe what just happened. I stood a full minute there deciding on whether to follow her or not.

What if the neighbors see? What if they’re watching me right now from across the street, behind their windows.

If I don’t act on it, she might not ever talk to me again. She might move away or something.

By the time I had decided to go to her house, it was dark. I waited a couple of hours. I knocked on the door and she opened it. Resting bitch face & super sexy as hell.

“What’s the matter, afraid that the neighbors might see you with ME?”

I stammered again. But this time, she was gentle. “STOP. It’s ok, just come in.”

She was in shorts and a loose, white tank top, no bra. Long, thick Amazon legs and very perky tits, I thought.

“You know, you’re really not my type. I don’t like weak men. And you pretty much REEK of weak to me.”

I didn’t know what to say. I was kinda shocked that this woman, this girl-man would say such a thing to me. I just stood there, frozen and unable to move. But I guess it was true. I didn’t have the balls to come over earlier. I honestly didn’t know if my neighbors were watching me.

“Yes, I am weak. That’s why I came over here at night. I don’t deserve to be in your presence. You are a Goddess.”

She came closer to me, practically looming over me. She sized me up again – hands on her waist, putting her head close to my neck, my body, smelling me: “Get on your knees, boy.”

I did what I was told. I got on my knees. My dick was getting hard.

She pulled down her shorts to reveal a cock that was semi-hard. It was big. She left her tank top on.

“You’re gonna take ALLLLL of this and you’re not gonna stop until I say so.” Hands on her waist with bright red polished claw nails and gold bracelets.

I was completely under this transsexual woman’s spell.

As she came closer, her dick sprung to life. It was probably about 8 or 9 inches? It was amazing.

I was thinking about how big her dick was when she just shoved it into my mouth. It didn’t smell like a man’s dick at all. It was super clean and it smelled fruity, like strawberries or something.

“Suck on it, suck on it like it’s your last lollypop.”

I gave in to this sexy trans woman completely. I sucked her cock, it was hard as a rock and I worshipped it like no other. I gagged but kept on sucking, I was practically drooling on the floor. I grabbed on her nutsack and massaged them in my hand. So much saliva was dripping out of my mouth, it got really sloppy. She moaned and groaned, “ohhhh, you like dat white boy??”, she pumped it into me faster and faster, fucking my mouth…

Then suddenly she pulled out. Slapped me with it & jizzed hot cum all over my face. I had a hardon too and it was aching.

“Here’s a kleenex. Get out of my house and don’t fucking stare at me again”, was all she said.

Two weeks later, my hot tranny neighbor had moved away. I never even knew her name. Needless to say, I will never forget her.

Call 1-800-GIRLMAN