Everyone wants to be someone else for Halloween, someone other than themselves. Well, imagine having a thick, hard cock, but having feminine desires or vice versa…every damn day! Welcome to my life and the lives of every trans person out there! We pretty much live this 24/7. Halloween is just another day.

I know you’re intrigued by me so call…

Call 1-800-GIRLMAN

For me, I never really get sick of being an ultimate fantasy! I KNOW  you guys have thought and fantasized about hooking up with a trans woman like me.

Admit it, baby…there is something alluring about a gorgeous shemale. At first glance, you THINK I’m just another hot chick, stunningly tall, hourglass, finely-crafted by the lord herself (lol)…but then you find out I’m actually packing a hard cock just like you…only I’m STILL a super sexy chick…I just have an extra “toy” to play with…or at least that’s how I see it! And I have SO MUCH FUN surprising guys with it! Granted, a girl like me has to be careful– there are a lot of ignorant and mean people out there, but my radar for a trans-friendly male is pretty great, and I live in a modern city where pretty much anything goes. So anyway…

Lots of guys are curious about trans women, but probably wouldn’t even know one if they saw one! No one guesses at my little secret– I’m honestly more feminine than my own sister! When we go out together, I get hit on WAY more than her by straight guys, and it drives her nuts! LOL

So let me get to my SEXY story already, right?! 😛

So I LOVE to “break in” straight guys- guys that have never been with a trans woman before. The other night I hooked up with the cutest little straight boy and I wanted to tell you all about it…

Like so many of my encounters, wet met at a club. Our eyes locked across the room and I was instantly attracted. He was a healthy young sporty type– probably a bit macho, which is a favorite of mine! Nice body on him, really intense blue eyes. Eyes that said he’d never been with a girl like me!

Let’s just say the notion of introducing him to my cock had me rock-hard from across the room.

Good thing I’m a master tucker when it comes to dressing. My anaconda was tightly filed away in my lacy black G-string, but I could feel his stiffening with every second. It only took a moment and this guy came over to me.

We did the standard talk: who are you here with? can I buy you a drink stuff.

After sipping on the cocktail he bought me and staring into his eyes, I asked him:

Are you up for something really exciting tonight?

And he says “Of course, gorgeous lady” or something like that.

15 mins later we’re back at my place and he’s sitting on my sofa. I’ve got the mood lighting set and the music is on. He’s smiling ear to ear, knowing he’s going to get some tonight. But he still had NO IDEA exactly what it was he was going to get!

Oh My GOD you’re SO fucking gorgeous he says to me as I stood before him.

Yeah, I ask, wanna see more?

FUCK YEAH he says! I can see his pants tenting in anticipation.

So I took off my top. My perfect Cs were almost busting out of my black bra, so I took that off, too.

WOW he said…perfect.

I began to dance, swaying my hips, waving my perfectly round booty in his face.

Go ahead I told him, take it out.

He unzips his jeans and presents me with a perfect cock. I was thrilled!

He tried to grab me but I moved back.

Not yet, I told him, continuing to dance to the music.

Naturally his hand goes to his cock, and he starts stroking it lightly as I writhe and undulate in front of him, doing my best stripper moves. Watching his tug and pull on that cock had me hard again, and I knew I couldn’t keep my secret much longer.

I put my ass in his face, and slowly worked my panties down, just barely revealing my ass but nothing more.

Oh MY GOD he said again, that ASS! You are fucking perfection! Please tell me you’re not all tease and no action!


I’ve got action for you, alright, I told him, turning around. I pulled the panties straight down, and out pops my giant hard-on.

What the fuck?! he says, and I worried I might have played this one wrong!

Listen baby….I’m ALL woman…trans woman. And you have NO IDEA how much FUN we can have with this, baby. If you’re game, that is, I said, squeezing my nipples for emphasis, cooing slightly as I did it.

He seemed to be thinking. Then he says, I admit, I’ve had a fantasy or two about trannys.

Oh really? I said. And what did you do in the fantasy?

Shyly, he quietly said “well….she made me suck her cock.”

Hmmmmm…I said, moving over towards him, maybe I can warm you up a bit, and then we try that…

I knelt between his knees, guiding his fat cock into my mouth. I worked it several times up and down, slurping on the head with my pink glossed lips.

OH MY GOD he said, eyes rolling back, you’re the best!

I stopped, looking him in the eye. Well let’s see how well YOU do, I said, and stood back up.

Slowly, he raised face to my cock.

I’m not gay, he said.

Of course you’re not. I said. I’m NOT a man. Let’s get that straight. I’m a shemale, baby. And you’re straight, and no one is asking you to be anything but. However, when you hook up with a SPECIAL GIRL like me, the rule is you HAVE to suck my cock.

With that, I grabbed his head and pulled it to my cock. I spread his hesitant lips with the head and shoved it in his mouth, guiding it carefully past his teeth, until I hit his tonsils.

Now SUCK IT, baby, I commanded.

Building up courage, he began to suck and stroke my cock with one hand, and use his other hand to stroke his own cock. He was learning fast!

He was getting me really excited, and I grabbed his head and really shoved my cock into his face, gagging him. Let him feel what he’s made all the girls in his life feel, for once! I felt his gag reflex tighten on my cock, and I had to pull out before I shot my load down his virgin throat. He wouldn’t have been ready for that yet, I don’t think!

So I pull my cock out of his mouth and say, it’s time to FUCK. I grab the coconut oil sitting on the table next to the sofa and I start rubbing it all over my gorgeous ass in front of him.

“I bet a jock like you LOVES anal, but has a hard time finding girls who are into it, huh?

Yeah, how’d you know? He said.

I just hear that a lot I said, getting on my knees on the floor.

FUCK MY ASS I tell him, arching my back NOW!

He jumped up off the sofa and was behind me in a second.

I could feel the fat mushroom head of his cock parting the cheeks of my ass.

Talk dirty to me! I command him, as I feel his cock push deep into me.

You little slut, he says, waving this ass at me. I’m gonna CUM deep inside you!

I liked this one! He was kinky!

DO IT I command, bucking into him, my own hand pumping my cock in the front, tugging at my balls as he slammed his erection into my ass over and over.

You’re so tight he said, starting to pant. I’m gonna cum soon he says.

I smile, and pump my own cock harder. It felt SO GOOD. I really wanted to fuck HIS smooth, muscular ass too, but I’ll save that for another night. Better to start the straight boys off light– don’t wanna scare ’em before they know what they’re missing!

I pictured bending him over my sofa, fucking that whiteboy jock ass as I pumped away at my cock, and waves of pleasure rocked through my asshole as my prostate went wild with an orgasm. I just have to say it again: IT FELT SO FUCKING GOOD!

Then I felt his cock go off, pumping his jizz deep into me, holding my hips so he could squeeze off every last drop between my cheeks. Finally, my cock gave too, spurting my juice all over the carpet in front of me.

When he finished, he pulled out and put his cock away. This moment is always the hardest– was he going to suddenly get all weird about it, not that his lust was spent? God, he’s so cute! Those blue eyes. I wanted him to be happy. I know I made him cum so hard!

He gathered his stuff and said he had to leave. He took my number– but I told him he could only have it if he’d consider letting me fuck him in his ass next time. That is, after the best BJ of this life of course. He seemed like he was thinking about it as he left– let’s see if I actually hear from him again.

But either way, man do I love breaking in the boys!

Call 1-800-GIRL-MAN